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Photo credit: John Nichols   @Sonny_crockett 

"I just wanted to take a minute to reach out and tell you how truly remarkable your Distiller Preamp system is. [...] I’m thrilled to say that in use/on stage, I’m blown away! [...] Your filter system works perfectly and amazingly with my high output Dimarzio pickups. I just want to thank you for following your passion in creating something that has really helped me in my quest to find my ultimate bass tone."

James LoMenzo (Megadeth, formerly with White Lion, Zakk Wylde, Slash, David Lee Roth, John Fogerty and the list goes on)


"I'm not exaggerating when i say there's no one in the world i'd rather work with"

George Massenburg (inventor, multiple Grammy-winnning producer/engineer, educator, audio industry legend - George Massenburg Labs, Massenburg Design Works)

"Just wanted to circle back and let you know I love the distiller.  [...]  I have a 4 string Rogue [...] which was built with a 2 band eq.  Replacing that EQ with the distiller transformed the bass.  Awesome 😊 Thanks!! "

R. Fierro

"I bought one of your Jtex distiller filters a year or two ago and its my absolute favorite tone modifier for any of my basses. At this point I've put it in three of them."

jam-dej-zvndvp (via eBay)

"I now have 4 JTEX Distiller preamps in my bass collection. They are absolutely excellent! As a bonus, they ship fast and are packed very well. Thank you!"

mellowgerman (via eBay)

"I managed to install my Distiller into one of my basses last night. [...] It went from sounding like a generic import to a MUCH more sophisticated instrument! The range of tones is amazing, even with the Q switch at its lowest setting. I would dare say this kind of blows away the Alembic Activator preamp"

T. Heslin

"I sold someone a bass recently and let them play all my other stuff and they really loved your filter. They’re wanting me to get/install two of them in the Spector I sold them."

OJ Dorson

"I am a luthier and repair man in Oslo, Norway.

On my bench today; installing one of your headphone amps into a jazzbass, I didnt know what to expect at first, but man; well done > this thing is great🤩"

-Knut B.

"I just wanted to say thanks again! It came out great. The ol Gibson has never sounded better. [...] I also really appreciate the compact form of the Distillers"

I. Hutzenlaub

"It sounds absolutely glorious with EMG pickups"

L. von Palleske

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