About JTEX Electronics

JTEX Electronics is primarily an electronics hobbyist / DIY site, rather than a full time business. I started it in early 2021, mostly to keep myself busy during the long pandemic lockdowns. As I'm writing this in the spring of 2022, I am back to being busy in the old, brick-and-mortar world, so I have considerably less time for the site.

I designed all gadgets you see here primarily for my own use, to my specs, not with the market in mind. Therefore I did not need to cut any corners to meet a price point. If other people find them useful and are interested in buying them, I'll make a few extras to sell. So far, only the Distiller has been in constant demand, and that's fine with me. The others are either too much work to make (Shockman) or I couldn't charge enough to make it worth my time (Indicator, HeadAmp). I published most of the schematics, so you can always build your own.

If you want to get in touch, you'll find me on Talkbass, YouTube, or on DIYStompboxes.com. Just search for JTEX, and please don't expect a quick reply (I turned off notifications). Or, if you prefer, you can also email me here.