About JTEX Electronics

JTEX Electronics is primarily an electronics hobbyist / DIY site. It is definitely not a full time business. I started it in early 2021, mostly to keep myself busy during the long pandemic lockdowns. As I'm writing this in the spring of 2022, I am back to being busy in the old, brick-and-mortar world, so I will have considerably less time for it.

I designed everything you see here primarily for my own use. Most of my gadgets are not economically viable for me to sell to others. I personally hand-build them in Canada with high grade parts, in my spare time, which I value more and more post-pandemic. If you really want one, and you're into DIY electronics, you can build your own -- I published most of the schematics.

The Distiller is the only thing that I sell on a regular basis, thanks to a boutique bass maker's sky-high pricing of their similar product. This leaves me room to sell my just-as-good (if not even better) alternative at half their price and still make some money. When I have some for sale, you can find them on eBay. I won't publish its schematic for now, because it's too easy to use substandard parts (most likely a shoddy "eBay special" pot) and end up disappointed. The "magic" is all in the execution, not in the schematic, which is standard filter cookbook stuff.

If you want to get in touch, you'll find me on Talkbass, Basschat, or on DIYStompboxes.com. Just search for JTEX, and please don't expect a quick reply (I don't get any real time notifications).