EQpot LF

1-Band EQ (Lows Only): Distiller's Best Friend

This is a 1-band boost/cut EQ (lows only) that I designed to complement the Distiller. I have had prototypes of this in all my Distiller-equipped basses. I made the cut/boost range deliberately asymmetrical, for the most musically useful adjustability (there's about twice as much boost available than cut). I've never felt it necessary to have the ability to cut the lows on a bass guitar by a whole 15 or 16 dB, as offered by most 2-band EQs. I prefer to have finer control over a more useful range by spreading it over the entire pot's rotation, rather than waste about a quarter turn to excessive bass cut that I never use. 

Having used it for over a year, I find it very useful, so I eventually got off my butt and designed a proper circuit board for it. This way I can offer it to others if there's interest. 

The EQpot is not intended for use on its own, but should follow a Distiller or some other active, low output impedance (<10kΩ) buffer/preamp/pickup. 


P.S. The same circuit board could be made into an EQpot HF (treble control) with just a few component changes. 

EQpot next to a Distiller SE


EQ Type 1-band, Low Frequency Shelf
Range @40Hz +15/-7dB
Range @100Hz +12/-6dB
Input impedance 20kΩ
Output impedance 2.7
Supply voltage 9V or 18V
Current draw 0.15mA
Battery life (alkaline) 2400 hours
Noise floor -99dBu
Dynamic range 110dB
Board size 22x13mm
Potentiometer sealed, long life, conductive plastic